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Church History

On February 1, 1977 at 8 pm in the AFL-CIO building located at 2996 NW 62nd Street, True

Vine Missionary Baptist Church was organized with 26 members. Rev. Charles W.

Weatherspoon, Jr. had the honor of serving as the founding pastor. As the years passed and under the leadership of Rev. C.W. Weatherspoon, the church grew, added new ministries and thrived. In 1982 the church marched into a brand new edifice located at 8820 NW 20th Avenue which it had built from the ground up, never having had a mortgage on the building. Under the leadership of Rev. Weatherspoon the ministry was about their Father’s business. They had an active prison ministry, held office in the Seaboard Baptist Association and were active in the community in which God had placed them.


Rev. Weatherspoon was strong man with a strong voice who believed in strong leadership.

As a result of his leadership, the church instituted several ministries that ministered to both the body of Christ and the surrounding neighborhood. Rev. Weatherspoon continued to lead this ministry and serve as the resident visionary, until his health began to fail. As a result, it was on August 27, 2006, that Rev. Weatherspoon stepped down from his leadership role as Pastor of True Vine Missionary Baptist Church and to the role of Pastor Emeritus. The church then set out to identify and call a new Pastor to lead the ministry. After having interviewed many candidates and not being allowed by God to move to call any of them, the church interviewed and called Rev. Charles Kevin Mitchell on Sunday, November 19, 2006 to serve as the 2nd Pastor of True Vine Missionary Baptist Church. On January 21, 2007, Rev. Mitchell was officially installed as the Pastor of True Vine Missionary Baptist Church and he has served as our capable leader ever since.


Under Rev. Mitchell’s leadership major renovations to our edifice have been undertaken and the organization of our ministry has been restructured so that we might be better equipped to serve this present age. Some of those changes include: technological upgrades to our AV ministry, installation of wireless network, renovation of our sanctuary including the addition of a sound booth and a state of the art sound system. Rev. Mitchell has also labored to advance our ministry spiritually by providing the church with strong biblical preaching and teaching; and by aligning each ministry in the church with the overall mission and vision statement for our ministry.


Rev. Mitchell is also to be credited for our motto for ministry: “Changing the World: One

Soul at a Time!” As God continues to give us divine guidance and to allow us to operate

within His grace, we as a ministry are committed to doing all that God has called us to do for the Glory of the Kingdom. To God Be The Glory, For The Things He Has Done!

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